«Kaleidoscope of Fate»

Work on the painting "Kaleidoscope of Fate" lasted 4 years.

The painting "Kaleidoscope of Fate" is full of meanings and hidden images.

The central figure is a girl who is at the crossroads of her life. Different versions of her fate are circling around her. The shards of glass are like entrances to other dimensions, each offering an alternative path. You can take any key and choose the keyhole, open the door to your future.

An alluring rainbow, gentle rain clouds, light nebula - is this the easiest way to find happiness, or will the heroine have to shed tears, purify herself through them and only then find her destiny?

Red threads are a symbol of family ties that give support.

The girl was surrounded by tall thickets, ornate stems in which it is so easy to get lost. She is calm, confident that everything will be fine. In her hands are delicate blue flowers - a symbol of hope, freedom, harmony and clarity.

The heroine's mask and coat allow her to hide her energy and inner strength. But we see how the girl begins to emit light, the warmth of her space is ready to illuminate the whole world. Perhaps she has already made a decision and is moving towards fate.

mixed technique (paper, acrylic, glitters, pencil)