«I see through you»

The painting "I see you to the backbone" is a part of series "Make friends with abyss".

At the core of the work perception is playing on the contrast between background and foreground.
The background is something amorphous, flowing and bright, it presents associations with bloomy water-lilies – allusion to blossom of each human, their flourishing future.
At the centre of the picture there is a portrait executed in white depicting a girl, looking straight and fearlessly at the viewer: she sees and accepts the essence of each human, her thoughts are unblotted, just as those of any person, who is concerned about self-development and aims at being a part of the world and harmonizing with it. So the portrait is semitransparent, merging with bright background: the girl is a part of the landscape, she harmonizes with the world.

The entirety of work is complimented with unconventional strokes, made with the help of texture paste and mother-of-pearl – they arise sensation of movement and reality.

Painting «I see you to the backbone» Mixed media painting technique (acrylic, mother-of-pearl, glitters and texture paste)
Canvas stretched on a frame
30х30 cm