«A new beginning»

The heroine of this picture is strong, decisive, controlling emotions. She has a cold mind and fearlessly looks ahead. Her gaze is filled with energy and anticipation.
The girl appears before us at a turning point. There was a long black streak in her life.
But now all the negative thoughts that haunted the heroine have left her. She freed herself.
"New Beginning" is a symbol of rebirth. The girl withstood a difficult period. And, leaving him behind, he starts life from scratch. The energy accumulated during this time comes out. She fills the entire space with golden flowers, sprouts of hope. The first fruits of expectation have already appeared around - multi-colored, bright, strong.
The black color in the picture acts as a symbol of the accumulation of energy and a platform for a bright new life. Just one moment - and the difficult period will end, life will be illuminated by a multicolored rainbow.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 80 x 80 cm