«Waiting in the Deep»

The picture is part of the cycle "Make friends with the abyss."
It was launched in 2020 during the coronavirus and reflects the thoughts that plagued many during the onset of the pandemic.

The image of a girl conveys a viscous atmosphere of stagnation. She was sucked to the very bottom of the ocean, swallowed up by the abyss, surrounded by mud and algae.

The heroine's gaze is appraisingly directed forward in an attempt to find out what fate has in store for her.

Hiding in anticipation, the girl is imperturbable, confident in herself and in her future. She looks forward to a change for the better and builds up energy.

We see the image at the moment of transformation.
The color transitions are reminiscent of dancing flames and reflections that dispel haze.

The heroine of the picture mentally boils. Seething, sparks and weightless smoke appear around it.

The darkness is parting. Recently, the viscous ocean floor is becoming a platform for a dash towards the light.
A fire broke out inside. Circumstances are subordinate. The wait is over.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 90 x 70 cm