«Mystery of the Universe»

Autumn motives in the cycle "Making friends with the abyss" are presented in the painting "The Mystery of the Universe". The main idea lies in the duality of emotions, characters, manifestations of us in this world.

The picture consists of two parts, which can be swapped. Heroes can look at each other or stand with their backs, looking in the other direction. In any location, the picture will look harmonious, but the meaning will change.

In "The Mystery of the Universe" it is raining in autumn, creating a kind of tension between the characters. We see the duality of natures, their real emotions.

The girl initially does not look at the young man, but true desires make her turn to the guy. The hero, on the other hand, has no double bottom. He is straightforward, immediately shows that he is disposed to the girl and observes with interest.

The different characters of the characters are emphasized by the landscape. The girl is filled with the warm rays of the sunset, and the guy carries the restrained shades of the night.

A flock of birds appears in the picture as a symbol of powerful energy. The couple froze, motionless, searching for answers within themselves.

Mixed media (oil, acrylic)
Stretched canvas 90 x 140 cm