«One heart for two»

The painting "One heart for two" is a part of the series of paintings "Make friends with abyss".
This picture tells the viewer a story of true love.

True love does not emphasize figures, view of life, or material values. It connects all sorts of people and allows them to carry their feelings through time and challenges.

Two lovers look in the same direction, which does not mean an admiration, but a deep feeling, when two persons share a common goal. They are calm and confident.
A butterfly and a flower on their faces symbolize the essence of their search and how they complement one another. One black silhouette evidences that two hearts in love flow together and exist as one.

They have not only one heart for two but one body. Those who love each other become one, and there are no differences and divisions, it is a complete synchronization of two people into a single whole.

The painting tells about the mystical connection between loving people, even if they are at a vast distance from each other, they feel the presence of a loved one with their

Painting "One heart for two"
Mixed media painting technique (acrylic, mother-of-pearl, glitters)
Canvas stretched on a frame
79,5х52,5 cm