Every person has two sides and it is impossible to separate them. The character of the picture shows the viewer both of these halves , since in real life not everyone can notice them. One must look deeper to see.

Here are both sides, dark and light, two opposites mixed with each other. The girl seems to enter a mirror dimension, showing both the viewer and herself how versatile, unpredictable and mysteriously beautiful her dark side is . There is nothing bad, black, cold, or negative in this part of the soul. It is an inseparable unity and harmony. Opposites and differences live inside everyone,but this is exactly what makes a person special,interesting, multi-faced and attractive to others .

The picture shows the moment of acceptance and opening oneself to the world. The character's face has come apart, revealing the opposites that exist in the girl. But the body demonstrates the golden middle- a beautiful kaleidoscope of edges that reflect and complement each other.

Take a look at yourself. Do you know your edges?Accept them wholeheartedly. All your strengths and weaknesses. Only their harmonious intertwining will give your life incredible bonuses and make you truly happy and free.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 116 x 80 cm