«Open up to the world»

"Open to the world" combines a portrait and abstraction, reminiscent of stained glass. We see a girl who is as if covered with a veil, hidden from everyone.

Everyone, looking at the picture, will see his season, his favorite season full of warmth. The outlines resemble grass, trees, mountains, a lake, a field, the rays of the sun. A woman's face is hidden under a veil of cold shades of blue and green.
These colors are a symbol of a past life, a stage that has already been completed.

There were many roads in the life of the heroine. But now the girl is finally ready to show herself, to open up to the world. This is a new path for her.

She sees that the world is very warm, and there is some magic, energy in it. Magic seems to spread around, enveloping, floating in the air, filling. The heroine carefully and slowly opens up to the new world, examining it. It's too early to talk about it, but the heroine likes to look, listen and get acquainted with the new space. After all, the world responds to her with love and warmth.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 100 x 80 cm