The picture - «Selection» from a series of works «Make friends with
abyss». We have fears, doubts, uncertainty, good and evil deep inside.

The main character of the picture is a girl who faces a choice and makes a decision. Which part of me should I accept? The cold, arrogant, insensitive and
cheeseparing one or a good, kind and decisive one?

The girl turned her head toward the good and stopped her gaze. The choice is made.

Only one of the girls is looking at the viewer. Her look is full of determination,
power, and fearlessness. It is a portrait of the heroine's strong and good side of personality.

Notwithstanding fears, tension, and insecurity, she chose her strong side.

A wide world with dark and light sides allows us to see all the colors around and gives the ability to choose and accept ourselves as we are.

Everyone should not be afraid to admit own weaknesses. It is essential not only to make a good or bad choice but to accept it inside.

It is the moment of accepting yourself when you reach harmony because good and evil are relative and cannot exist without each other. They both create balance and complement each other and are a single one.

Mixed media painting technique (Acrylic, ink, lacquer, glitters).
Painting «Selection» canvas stretched on a frame
77х60 cm