«Flowers of life»

A flower is something vulnerable, something that needs to be looked after and protected. It won't survive without care in a cold climate, a soulless world.

The girl and the cat in the picture are also, in a sense, beautiful flowers, they are like the buds of one inflorescence. They reveal their beauty and unity to us, surrounded by thickets, ornate bush stalks. Bees fly around them as an integral part of the flower's life. He needs pollination - help, support, care.

The characters in the picture froze for a moment in a triangle of light. It, like a searchlight, illuminates the truth of life contained in the plot. On the one hand, the silhouettes of the cats jump on the girl, choosing her as a companion, and on the other, they jump off and leave her life.

That is how it should be. This is established by nature. Woman and animal complement each other and should be close. They reveal new facets of the soul in each other. We are all living beings and deserve a good attitude, a sense of security, care, support.

The girl in the picture is a symbol of something fragile that requires more attention, help from the outside world. She can be vulnerable, just like a cat can be helpless in a certain environment, it is difficult for her to exist without a person. We are created to exist in union.

People surround themselves with animals, feeling the need to share their care, and cats gratefully accept love and give their attention. Imagine a dog in the place of a cat. The meaning will not change. Human and animal may be separate units, but together they will be happier.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 80 x 80 cm