Series of works: "To make friends with the abyss"
The history of paintings on the topic of duality.
A series of works on duality
Natalie combines various techniques, adding to the paintings
— just like as to a puzzle, parts of landscapes, characters and
different symbols.
Not only abstraction themes can be found in the artist's work, she uses different ways to communicate feelings and emotions by means of art. Natalie combines various techniques, adding to the paintings — just like as to a puzzle, parts of landscapes, characters and different symbols.

For instance, paintings with complex meaning, which are saturated with symbolism and duality of human nature.

Dualism is a story of duality. Works which tells about complex side of human and gives pause for thought.

By means of her paintings the artist is eager to communicate to her viewer all the importance of self-acceptance as personality, acceptance of all sides – both good and bad. It is essential to calmly understand your dark side and make friends with it. In fact entirety of human nature is composed of the good and the bad, deceit and truth, fearlessness and cowardliness. Only in harmony between all these sides a human will find their true calling and experience satisfaction from being, see the purpose of existence.

The idea of complex paintings is observed in many works by the artist. It begins upon small sketches and develops into a series of complex paintings, such as the series — "Make Friends with the Abyss", in which the themes of plot set the viewer thinking deeply about the human inner world.

Along with various directions in her work the artist has plans in the future to proceed with the idea of complex paintings: on duality and acceptance of all sides of the individual self. To proceed on her journey in perception and searching of the
ultimate way to communicate her outlook to the viewers.

Every person has two sides and it is impossible to separate them. The character of the picture shows the viewer both of these halves , since in real life not everyone can notice them. One must look deeper to see.

Here are both sides, dark and light, two opposites mixed with each other. The girl seems to enter a mirror dimension, showing both the viewer and herself how versatile, unpredictable and mysteriously beautiful her dark side is . There is nothing bad, black, cold, or negative in this part of the soul. It is an inseparable unity and harmony. Opposites and differences live inside everyone,but this is exactly what makes a person special,interesting, multi-faced and attractive to others .

The picture shows the moment of acceptance and opening oneself to the world. The character's face has come apart, revealing the opposites that exist in the girl. But the body demonstrates the golden middle- a beautiful kaleidoscope of edges that reflect and complement each other.

Take a look at yourself. Do you know your edges?Accept them wholeheartedly. All your strengths and weaknesses. Only their harmonious intertwining will give your life incredible bonuses and make you truly happy and free.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 116 x 80 cm

«Open up to the world»
"Open to the world" combines a portrait and abstraction, reminiscent of stained glass. We see a girl who is as if covered with a veil, hidden from everyone.
Everyone, looking at the picture, will see his season, his favorite season full of warmth. The outlines resemble grass, trees, mountains, a lake, a field, the rays of the sun. A woman's face is hidden under a veil of cold shades of blue and green.
These colors are a symbol of a past life, a stage that has already been completed.

There were many roads in the life of the heroine. But now the girl is finally ready to show herself, to open up to the world. This is a new path for her.

She sees that the world is very warm, and there is some magic, energy in it. Magic seems to spread around, enveloping, floating in the air, filling. The heroine carefully and slowly opens up to the new world, examining it. It's too early to talk about it, but the heroine likes to look, listen and get acquainted with the new space. After all, the world responds to her with love and warmth.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 100 x 80 cm

«Flower of life»
A flower is something vulnerable, something that needs to be looked after and protected. He will not survive without care in a cold climate, a soulless world.
The girl and the cat in the picture are also, in a sense, beautiful flowers, they are like the buds of one inflorescence. They reveal their beauty and unity to us, surrounded by thickets, ornate bush stalks. Bees fly around them as an integral part of the flower's life. He needs pollination - help, support, care.

The characters in the picture froze for a moment in a triangle of light. He, like a searchlight, illuminates the truth of life contained in the plot. On the one hand, the silhouettes of the cats jump on the girl, choosing her as a companion, and on the other, they jump off and leave her life.

That is how it should be. This is established by nature. Man and animal complement each other and should be close. They reveal new facets of the soul in each other. We are all living beings and deserve a good attitude, a sense of security, care, support.

The girl in the picture is a symbol of something fragile that requires more attention, help from the outside world. She can be vulnerable, just like a cat can be helpless in a certain environment, it is difficult for her to exist without a person. We are created to exist in union.

People surround themselves with animals, feeling the need to share their care, and cats gratefully accept love and give their attention. Imagine a dog in the place of a cat. The meaning will not change. Human and animal may be separate units, but together they will be happier.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 80 x 80 cm

«Flower of feelings»
This painting is a vivid embodiment of spring. Lovers on it are young and beautiful. They are overwhelmed with tenderness and passion.
The recent night dusk is parting, which is intimate to us - the light that the steam emits. A pure, thin, fragile girl and a romantic, attentive young man start a tender love story together. They, like a blossoming peony, are facing the sun in anticipation of the day. The heroes of the picture bask in the warm rays, discovering new facets of feelings.

The couple's life seemed to have stepped on a new round. Everything that held the lovers back melted with the coming of spring.
Now they can relax and plunge into a new life, which has prepared only happy moments for them.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 120 x 80 cm

«A new beginning»
The girl who has accumulated strength throughout
long time, starts a new life.

The heroine of this picture is strong, decisive, controlling emotions. She has a cold mind and fearlessly looks ahead. Her gaze is filled with energy and anticipation.
The girl appears before us at a turning point. There was a long black streak in her life.
But now all the negative thoughts that haunted the heroine have left her. She freed herself.
"New Beginning" is a symbol of rebirth. The girl withstood a difficult period. And, leaving him behind, he starts life from scratch. The energy accumulated during this time comes out. She fills the entire space with golden flowers, sprouts of hope. The first fruits of expectation have already appeared around - multi-colored, bright, strong.
The black color in the picture acts as a symbol of the accumulation of energy and a platform for a bright new life. Just one moment - and the difficult period will end, life will be illuminated by a multicolored rainbow.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 80 x 80 cm

«Waiting in the Deep»
The picture is part of the cycle "Make friends with the abyss."
It was launched in 2020 during the coronavirus and reflects the thoughts that plagued many during the onset of the pandemic.
The image of a girl conveys a viscous atmosphere of stagnation. She was sucked to the very bottom of the ocean, swallowed up by the abyss, surrounded by mud and algae.

The heroine's gaze is appraisingly directed forward in an attempt to find out what fate has in store for her.

Hiding in anticipation, the girl is imperturbable, confident in herself and in her future. She looks forward to a change for the better and builds up energy.

We see the image at the moment of transformation.
The color transitions are reminiscent of dancing flames and reflections that dispel haze.

The heroine of the picture mentally boils. Seething, sparks and weightless smoke appear around it.

The darkness is parting. Recently, the viscous ocean floor is becoming a platform for a dash towards the light.
A fire broke out inside. Circumstances are subordinate. The wait is over.

Mixed media (acrylic, oil)
Stretched canvas 90 x 70 cm

«Mystery of the Universe»
Autumn motives in the cycle "Making friends with the abyss" are presented in the painting "The Mystery of the Universe". The main idea lies in the duality of emotions, characters, manifestations of us in this world.
The picture consists of two parts, which can be swapped. Heroes can look at each other or stand with their backs, looking in the other direction. In any location, the picture will look harmonious, but the meaning will change.

In "The Mystery of the Universe" it is raining in autumn, creating a kind of tension between the characters. We see the duality of natures, their real emotions.

The girl initially does not look at the young man, but true desires make her turn to the guy. The hero, on the other hand, has no double bottom. He is straightforward, immediately shows that he is disposed to the girl and observes with interest.

The different characters of the characters are emphasized by the landscape. The girl is filled with the warm rays of the sunset, and the guy carries the restrained shades of the night.

A flock of birds appears in the picture as a symbol of powerful energy. The couple froze, motionless, searching for answers within themselves.

Mixed media (oil, acrylic)
Stretched canvas 90 x 140 cm

«The Hidden World»
In the series of works "Making friends with the abyss"
there is a story of two hearts called "The Hidden World".

The heroes of the plot are covered with a single cloak, which seems to form a common body, giving one energy for two.
The couple is surrounded by icy cold, but they emit light. They are serene, shrouded in warmth and
keep each other warm. Silhouettes of poppies highlight the bright light and energy that comes from the lovers.
Inside their world, the summer sun always shines, even if it is winter around.

Mixed media (acrylic, glitters)
Stretched canvas 90 x 140 cm

«Dissolve and melt»
How many girls do you see?

"Dissolve and melt", from the cycle "Making friends with the abyss", is a sensual and passionate story about freedom, love, a spark between people.
The heroines captured the dance of emotions. Sparks are circling around them, reminiscent of the reflections of the aurora borealis.
The girls are fascinated by the dialogue of movements to the same rhythm of hearts.
Double exposure of the painting creates dynamics, revealing more fully the history of the moment. Girls sincerely show their natural sensuality.
They are liberated, alluring and free.

Mixed media (acrylic, glitters)
Stretched canvas 90 x 70 cm

The picture - «Selection» from a series of works «Make friends with
abyss». We have fears, doubts, uncertainty, good and evil deep inside.
The main character of the picture is a girl who faces a choice and makes a decision. Which part of me should I accept? The cold, arrogant, insensitive and
cheeseparing one or a good, kind and decisive one?

The girl turned her head toward the good and stopped her gaze. The choice is made.

Only one of the girls is looking at the viewer. Her look is full of determination,
power, and fearlessness. It is a portrait of the heroine's strong and good side of personality.

Notwithstanding fears, tension, and insecurity, she chose her strong side.

A wide world with dark and light sides allows us to see all the colors around and gives the ability to choose and accept ourselves as we are.

Everyone should not be afraid to admit own weaknesses. It is essential not only to make a good or bad choice but to accept it inside.

It is the moment of accepting yourself when you reach harmony because good and evil are relative and cannot exist without each other. They both create balance and complement each other and are a single one.

Mixed media painting technique (Acrylic, ink, lacquer, glitters).
Painting «Selection» canvas stretched on a frame
77х60 cm

«I see you to the backbone»
The painting "I see you to the backbone" is a part of series "Make friends with abyss".
At the core of the work perception is playing on the contrast between background and foreground.
The background is something amorphous, flowing and bright, it presents associations with bloomy water-lilies – allusion to blossom of each human, their flourishing future.
At the centre of the picture there is a portrait executed in white depicting a girl, looking straight and fearlessly at the viewer: she sees and accepts the essence of each human, her thoughts are unblotted, just as those of any person, who is concerned about self-development and aims at being a part of the world and harmonizing with it. So the portrait is semitransparent, merging with bright background: the girl is a part of the landscape, she harmonizes with the world.

The entirety of work is complimented with unconventional strokes, made with the help of texture paste and mother-of-pearl – they arise sensation of movement and reality.

Painting «I see you to the backbone» Mixed media painting technique (acrylic, mother-of-pearl, glitters and texture paste)
Canvas stretched on a frame
30х30 cm

«One heart for two»
The painting "One heart for two" is a part of the series of paintings "Make friends with abyss".
This picture tells the viewer a story of true love.
True love does not emphasize figures, view of life, or material values. It connects all sorts of people and allows them to carry their feelings through time and challenges.

Two lovers look in the same direction, which does not mean an admiration, but a deep feeling, when two persons share a common goal. They are calm and confident.
A butterfly and a flower on their faces symbolize the essence of their search and how they complement one another. One black silhouette evidences that two hearts in love flow together and exist as one.

They have not only one heart for two but one body. Those who love each other become one, and there are no differences and divisions, it is a complete synchronization of two people into a single whole.

The painting tells about the mystical connection between loving people, even if they are at a vast distance from each other, they feel the presence of a loved one with their

Painting "One heart for two"
Mixed media painting technique (acrylic, mother-of-pearl, glitters)
Canvas stretched on a frame
79,5х52,5 cm

«The sun within»
The picture is "The Sun Inside." The sixth in a row is included in the series of paintings "Make Friends with the Abyss"

Each of us has our own center of the universe, inner light, and when we find it our whole life begins to revolve around it.⠀
Without this light, our life becomes gloomy.⠀When we lose it or it goes out, there is only darkness around.⠀
For some people, the center of the universe is a different person, so everyone will see something different in this work.

«The Queen of Hearts»
"The Queen of Hearts" - an allegory of the same name card.⠀
At the heart of the plot of this picture - femininity.

It depicts a girl - androgen. Very thin and angular, with forms that are not very reminiscent of feminine curves. Now truly feminine outlines and bends are in fashion - breasts, thighs and lips, besides modern technologies allow you to create all this artificially and increase, build and add, where there is not enough.

Yet nowadays the boundaries of femininity are very blurred. A girl can be completely different - thin, full, decorated with a tattoo or look like a guy, but still be feminine. The concept of femininity does not focus on feminine body forms, hairstyle or specific behavior.

«Night consciousness»
"Night consciousness" on the rallies of the series "Make Friends with the Abyss."

The beautiful girl Alena Kovalenko has become part of a big story.

«Kaleidoscope of Destiny»
Work on the painting "Kaleidoscope of Fate" lasted 4 years.

The painting "Kaleidoscope of Fate" is full of meanings and hidden images.
The central figure is a girl who is at the crossroads of her life. Different versions of her fate are circling around her. The shards of glass are like entrances to other dimensions, each offering an alternative path. You can take any key and choose the keyhole, open the door to your future.
An alluring rainbow, gentle rain clouds, light nebula - is this the easiest way to find happiness, or will the heroine have to shed tears, purify herself through them and only then find her destiny?
Red threads are a symbol of family ties that give support.
The girl was surrounded by tall thickets, ornate stems in which it is so easy to get lost. She is calm, confident that everything will be fine. In her hands are delicate blue flowers - a symbol of hope, freedom, harmony and clarity.
The heroine's mask and coat allow her to hide her energy and inner strength. But we see how the girl begins to emit light, the warmth of her space is ready to illuminate the whole world. Perhaps she has already made a decision and is moving towards fate.

mixed technique (paper, acrylic, glitters, pencil)

«Strength of the Spirit»
Picture - "Strength of the Spirit."
The second in a row is included in the series of paintings "Make Friends with the Abyss"

Strength of mind. Dreams give people strength. Firmness and confidence are given to the girl by birds,
symbolizing dreams and aspirations, with which the internal strength of spirit is born.

50x50cm mixed technique, paper.
The picture is "Mirror". Opens a series of paintings "Make Friends with the Abyss"

30×42 cm paper, mixed technics